About Us


The word TANGAZO is a Kiswahili language word means ADVERT.
Tangazo.com is a website which will allow any Business to connect with other Businesses and People in large numbers. It is a place were BUYER meets SELLER.
At Tangazo.com you can get Everything and Everyone.
Tangazo.com not only having sellers and their companies, but we give you a description of their Business Services, Location and detailed addresses and we make it easier for you to decide if that is the one you  want to go with.
If you see Billboards, Banners, Stickers, Brochures with Tangazo.com, remember we are advertising you for you! If you are registered, Your Business Name & Logo will display and you will show up on our searches instantly.
You can log into Tangazo.com & search using your mobile smart phone, and find all shops listed with all the details. Saving time when you remember what you need.