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Established in 1947, it’s the oldest business in Tanzania. Asar Limited is the only authorized supplier of MAKITA, BETA, MAKTEC and TAPARIA in Tanzania. The products from all these brands are POWER TOOLS and HAND TOOLS. We have been making sense of the power tool and hand tool market for years, and we are still doing it till now, supplying high quality tools at a considerably cheaper price.


Being that we specialize in MAKITA power tools and hand tools, we provide you with all the spares and services in case of any kind of break down. Our service department is under two highly qualified technicians who can handle even the most complicated problems of our tools.


Besides the power tools, we also supply MAKITA accessories like; HSS Drill Bits, SDS Drill Bits, Regular Bits for concretes, Wood Bits like (Flat Drill Bits, and Augur Bits for wood), Hole Saws for wood and metals, Cutting and Grinding Disks for Stainless Steel, Mile Steel, and Concrete. We as well have Diamond Disks for cutting Marble, Concrete and any other hard stone. Still, we supply SDS Max Bits mostly used in mines for mining activities.


Asar Limited also has a wide range of power tools for semi-professionals and do it yourself kind of people who can use brand name products MAKTEC of which all its spares, accessories, and services are available.


We are agents for BETA which is the largest manufacture of hand tools comprising of 5900 items.


We also have tools of high quality for budget conscious users who can easily purchase at an affordable price.



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Electrical/Hardware/Home Appliances
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Diven Kaba
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+255222121656 / +2552115166 / +255713227990
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P.O. Box 674, India Street